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‘Nobody ever stopped him in the street to say, with gladsome looks, “My dear Scrooge, how are you? When will you come to see me?” No beggars implored him to bestow a trifle, no children asked him what it was o’clock, no man or woman ever once in all his life inquired the way to such and such a place, of Scrooge. Even the blind men’s dogs appeared to know him; and when they saw him coming on, would tug their owners into doorways and up courts; and then would wag their tails as though they said, “No eye at all is better than an evil eye, dark master!”

PJ Lynch’s preparatory drawing for the first illustration in his award winning edition of ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens.
This large signed pencil drawing measures 59 x 42 cm and ships in a protective cardboard tube.